Jesus Christ, Our Master Copy

As we begin each day, we should be sure to realign ourselves with Christ before we even step out of bed, to ensure we present a good “copy” of Christ to the world that day. This could be something as simple as a prayer of surrender as we wake and take our first breath or a more complex and structured quiet time of prayer. No matter how the Lord calls you to do it, it is the most important part of your day and should be done with fullness of heart.

During this quiet time is when you should look into your mirror beyond the veil and ask the Lord to wipe you clean, so you are sure to start fresh, without blemish. It is also during this time that you are able to transformation from who your flesh wants to be that day into who the Spirit desires you to be. This is when you lay down your will and pick up His will for your life. You must decide who you will mirror that day, yourself or Christ. Who was your Master copy yesterday? How did that choice take place, willingly or accidently?

We often become “copies” of the images we are subjected to throughout our childhood and sometimes even adulthood. If we do not know who or what our Master copy is to be, then we duplicate, or copy, what we see and hear. Sometimes the duplication takes place inside of us without us even knowing it, we seem normal on the outside. We know something is not right and we often feel a void on the inside, but until we surrender our life to Christ Jesus, we will never be a genuine copy and feel complete.

Too often Christians “go to church” one or more times a week, sit and listen to someone “preach”, and then try to imitate or copy what someone says will bring peace, joy and fullness into our life or we try to copy someone who seems to have what we believe we are missing in our life. The problem is that when this takes place we are creating copies of copies of copies of copies etc, and when that happens, they become more and more flawed. This is what has happened for 2,000 years, man has copied man who has copied man who has copied man…But we should EACH be looking to Christ as our Master copy, not any man. We should be looking to Him for our everything and sharing that with those around us. We should not point others to ourselves or another person, but point them to the Word, where they can find Him.

We are each to teach one another, love one another, admonish one another, etc, but first and foremost we should be pointing them to Christ in everything we say and do each day. The Holy Spirit should be leading and guiding our daily lives, not our flesh or man. The only way to do this is to surrender daily to Christ, giving it all to Him.


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