Little Things Go a Long Way

Have you ever noticed that if we work on the little things in life the bigger things come together all on their own most of the time? But if we try to focus on the “big” picture/things too much, we often get overwhelmed, stressed out, and may not reach our “big” goal. I don’t think this is by accident, I believe it is God’s plan for our lives. We can get so busy trying to “get things done,” we forget to focus on doing everything unto the Lord. As we try to accomplish more things on our “to do” lists, we stop focusing on the smaller and/or daily items we should be doing each day. Sometimes we may do the minimum required of us on these “small” tasks; other times we may stop doing them all together thinking they are insignificant and don’t matter in the “big” picture of life. But is this really surrendering it all to Christ? I have come to the conclusion the answer is, “no, it is not.”

We are supposed to do all things to please the Lord (Colossians 1:10). But if we are no longer focused on the little things in our life, can we say we are really doing them to please the Lord? If we are just going through the motions to get them ‘done and off our list’ so we can move onto what we consider ‘more important’, are we really doing them to please Him? I often tell my oldest son that we need to be sure we do everything to the best of our ability in all excellence, to please Christ Jesus…even the little things in our lives. Do we brush our teeth to the best of our ability, do we dress neatly and cleanly to the best of our ability, do we do our chores to the best of our ability, do we do those tasks we dislike the most to the best of our ability…or are we just getting them done? What is our attitude when we do these “little things” of life? I believe if we are able to focus on the Lord in everything we do at all times, then we will find that His joy and peace will abide in our hearts at all times no matter what we are doing.

God wants every part of our life surrendered to Him, including the little things in our life. We need to think about everything we do or do not do and be sure we are surrendering it to Him. If we place our focus on surrendering the “little things” of life unto Him, He will take care of the “big things” of life. If we take the moment to pray before we make decisions or answer a tough question, we will often find that the end result will work out for us, somehow. We need to leave the “big” things in life in His hands, they are too big for us to handle anyway and only cause stress and often health problems.

We need to make sure we are not getting too busy doing the “important” things in life to thank, praise and worship Him with the little things in our lives! How many “little” areas of your life need to be focused on and surrendered to the Lord? Do we honor the Lord with our daily choices and activities, or do we honor ourselves and/or the world? Our biggest ministry is the “little” things people see us do every day, how we choose to live our lives. I offer my life as a living sacrifice unto Him, and I pray that I can be a mirror of Christ to those around me every day. What about you?


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