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It was almost one year ago that the Lord put it on my heart to start a blog of surrender to Christ to help myself as well as others. But due to life circumstances I have not been able to set-up and design the blog or write and post to it. So here I am, finally, writing my first post and not knowing where to begin.

I have found over the last year that even after being “sold out” to the Lord for sixteen years, there are still areas “unsurrendered” in my life, and it is through these areas that the enemy is allowed to come in and either use and/or abuse me. By willingly surrendering and giving myself to Christ daily, I have the opportunity to close these doors to the enemy and live in joy and peace in all of life’s circumstances. The door does not go away immediately, so the enemy is still able to knock and possibly annoy, but he has no power or control in my life.

I am not perfect, nor will my flesh ever be on this earth, and the Lord reveals areas in my life that I need to be surrendered regularly. It is a daily battle, one that belongs to the Lord! My prayer is that this blog will help others surrender to Christ and be able to live in His fullness daily.


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