Now is the Time

How often do you put off for tomorrow that which the Lord prompts you to do today? "Not very often" you might be saying to yourself, "after all if I know the Lord had told me to do something, I know I need to obey." Right? But is that really the case when it comes to changing our lifestyle bad habits like dieting, exercise, smoking, sleeping, etc? What would you do if the strong desire (urge) to start a diet and exercise program hit you smack in the face right now? Or if you are a smoker, the desire to stop smoking? You would probably do what most of us do; you immediately start planning your new program, which begins "tomorrow" or perhaps "on Monday". The question that remains is what happened to the rest of today or the time between "right now" and later when you start? Why didn’t you start at the moment the Lord put it on your heart?

The Lord showed me that when we "put-off" things He has put on our heart, we are telling Him "not now". He is telling us that His grace is upon us to make the change in our life at that moment to begin, but we choose to delay our obedience. A long time ago the Lord told me that delayed obedience is disobedience…So are you really obeying Him when you wait to obey? After you gave your life to the Lord, did you promise to start your change tomorrow, perhaps because you had a big party that night to go to? This is no different than starting the new change tomorrow.

The Lord gives us grace that is sufficient for today’s “stuff”. Today’s grace is given to help us do those things the Lord puts on our heart today, tomorrow’s grace is for things of tomorrow. When we put-off those things He has told us to do today until tomorrow, we are wasting both today’s grace and tomorrow’s grace. Tomorrow’s grace is not given to do “today’s stuff”.

Stop putting of for tomorrow, that which the Lord has prompted you to do today.


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